Frogfest 5 – A Lucky Break

Anthony Leon and The Chain at Frogfest 5

Carlos, Daniel and I had been practicing once a week for quite awhile when we decided to call ourselves “Anthony Leon & The Chain” and let Eric Davis be our manager. We started playing out at the local breweries and bars and we would begin to record our first album.

Rebel, RebelOne of the cool things that Eric Davis did would be to convince John Treadwell of Frogville Records to put us on the bill for the upcoming Frogfest 5. We ended up getting a spot the inside stage in between sets of two other more popular bands. As it would happen, when it was our turned to play, it also started raining outside, and all of a sudden, everyone was packed in there watching us. We played our hearts out, Steve Terrel wrote mentioned us in his write up, and on the following year we would play outside on the big stage.