Kitchen Sink Sessions 2011

Out-takes and b-sides from our first studio album.
released September 1, 2010

Words and Music by Anthony Leon
except: I want more by Nina Simone & Last Blue Yodel Jimmie Rodgers
Recorded by: Jono Manson at Kitchen Sink (Chupedero)
Vocals/Guitar: Anthony Leon
Vocals on ‘God give us wings’: Felecia Ford
Drums: Daniel Jaramillo
Bass: Carlos Rodriguez
Guitar/Vocals: Jono Manson


  1. Cold Virginia Mountains I
  2. Cold Virginia Mountains II
  3. Get enough love
  4. God give us wings
  5. I want more
  6. Last Blue Yodel
  7. Next time I find
  8. So you say
  9. Sometimes I wish the world was flat
  10. You’ve got be ready for love