Frogfest 5 – A Lucky Break

Anthony Leon and The Chain at Frogfest 5

Every once in awhile you get lucky. Sometimes it’s a friend of a friend that grants a favor, sometimes it’s the weather. So far our band had been fortunate. We were recording our first album, playing regularly at Second Street Brewery, and just got done doing a live radio show with Gabe Gomez on KBAC. We were excited for the future.

Rebel, RebelHowever, we had no idea of the road that laid before us after our upcoming show at Frogfest 5. Frogfest was a local two day music festival put on by Frogville Studios on Memorial Day weekend. This is one of the best things that Eric Davis, our initial manager, would do for us. He talked to John Treadwell, owner of Frogville, and got him to put us on the bill for the upcoming show. We ended up getting a spot on the inside stage in between sets of two other more popular bands. HOWEVER, when it was our turn to play and began our show, so also began the torrential rains outside. Next thing I know, everyone is packed in this small venue and all eyes are on us. AND we played our hearts out. Steve Terrell wrote mentioned us in his write up, and the following year we would play outside on the big stage as one of the headliners.