Frogville Records

Frogville Records is a recording studio and independent label located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Started in 2003, Frogville grew to be the envy of independent studios. With a community of musicians and artist of all types working together to create a small artistic community that had great global outreach potential. But as the war between big-money radio and the digital marketplace grew; the hopes of the independent artist being able to remain independent and be equally as profitable dwindled; and as the profit dwindled, so did the community effort.

Frogville still holds on and I hope to record another album there soon. John Treadwell, owner of Frogville, is truly a benevolent man. He is a true believer of the bigger picture and he sees through the hype. When John went to make the vinyl for ‘Hell to Pay’, I was nervous. He was going to remaster and press and foot the bill (and that’s a big investment when you’re just trying to pay the rent). I told John that I was nervous about it because my current band’s morale had reached an all time low and me and my ‘career’ were on our own. He went ahead and pressed it. I think we both knew it needed to be done, if not for anything but for art’s sake. We sell a few copies here and there, but I always tell my friends, “It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done with my life.”

Ex nihilo

class Container{
     int parent_id;
     array children();
     int size = .01;
     array element();
class host{
     int parent_id;
     array children();
     int base;
function CosmicEvent(Container){
     int pwr_level = .01;
     return pwr_level * Container.size;
function runSimulation(){
     new Earth as Container
     set Earth.element('helium,hydrogen,iron');
     i = Earth.size
     for each i{
     set Earth.size = CosmicEvent(Earth);
     return Earth.children.add(i);
     next i;
     return err.description


ERROR: Container failed to initialize, Parent_id cannot be NULL;